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Inventory Carrying Costs

The impact of inventory carrying costs on the bottom line can be enormous, but all too often these costs are overlooked.  Why is this? Is it a belief that interest rates are low, so what’s the big deal? Perhaps the fact inventory carrying costs are not as obvious in the P & L as say, salaries Read more about Inventory Carrying Costs[…]

REACS Software - Inventory Carrying Costs

Inventory Optimization – Winners and Losers

Top 10 Reasons Why Distributors Carry Too Much Inventory Few businesses can claim they carry the right amount of inventory –  but what is the right amount? Depending who the question is posed to, the answers will vary from no on-hand inventory to overloaded shelves at every location. In a perfect world businesses would have just enough inventory on hand to Read more about Inventory Optimization – Winners and Losers[…]