June 16, 2014


Inventory Optimization Software

Since our first installation in 2009, REACS has helped many small and mid-sized businesses optimize their inventory.  Our core Inventory Optimization Software product is tailored to businesses with hundreds or thousands of small parts located in distribution centers or service trucks in the field.  Min/Max Levels are maintained automatically for each item in each location based on parameters customized for your business.

Improved service levels and reduced overall inventory is the expected outcome for our clients.

Typical Benefits:

•          Current excess or poor performing stock is identified the instant REACS is activated.

•          Potential for inventory reduction (& associated carrying costs)  35 to 60%

•          The ‘inventory mix’ will always be correct.

•          Buying will be more effective and more efficient

•          Replenishing of satellite locations will become more efficient and timelier.

•          Warehouse operations will become more efficient.

•          Freight costs, incoming and outgoing, will be reduced.

•          Warehouse space demands will be reduced.

REACS Inventory Optimization Software

Whether there are 500 or 500,000 SKU’s, REACS refreshes the ERP daily.  For a single Distribution Center, 100 satellite warehouses, or 1000 field service vehicles, optimized inventory is provided to all.  Once ‘set up’ the daily process is entirely automatic.  No interaction by user staff is required.

User staff will participate in the initial setting of key parameters.  Desired service levels, safety factors, and critical item overrides are customized to the user’s unique needs during set up.  Settings can be adjusted by the user at any time.  Once set up to the user’s satisfaction, there is usually no further need for interaction by a human.

Let us show you the impact REACS Inventory Optimization Software can have on your business.  Contact us to learn more about our Free Inventory Assessment