July 17, 2014

ERP Integration

‘Enhance the power’ of your ERP System

ERP Systems are designed to service a wide range of client needs. They typically offer a broad spectrum of features.   Like today’s smartphones, few users will ever have a need to utilize all of the features available to them, but one feature most ERP’s offer that should be of interest to every distributor is the ERP’s capability to ‘alert’ the buyer when it is time to purchase an item and how much he/she should purchase.  This feature is driven by what are referred to as ‘order points’.  You may know them as Min/Max values.  The problem is, MOST ERP’S CANNOT DETERMINE THESE ‘ORDER POINT’ VALUES EFFECTIVELY: many cannot determine them at all.  Often, they must be provided by some ERP software inventory management external source such as REACS.


Min/Max values are constantly changing.  Seasons change.  Economic conditions change.  Customer mix changes.  As a result, inventory needs change.  This poses a major problem for the distributor who has thousands of SKU’s to track and buy for.  The requirement is to find an external source that can maintain Min/Max values on a current basis or be resigned to the fact that ‘buying’ will be based mainly on the personal experience of the buyer.

REACS was designed to support this aspect of your ERP.  REACS was specifically developed to determine order point (Min/Max) values and automatically refresh them in the ERP daily, thus ‘enhancing the power’ of the ERP to take the guess-work out of buying