July 3, 2014

How It Works

Our focus is order points. Min/max levels for every SKU in every location. Our role in inventory management is to ensure the optimal stock levels are maintained for every inventory item in every physical location.

In the typical ‘Distribution Model’, the flow of product is from Supplier to Distributor Warehouse (an acquisition function).  If there are satellite warehouses, product then flows from the Distributor’s Central Warehouse to the satellite warehouses (a replenishment function).

Enhance Your ERP

REACS Inventory Optimization Software, is a ‘companion system’ to the user’s own ERP System.

It manages (forecasts, calculates, uploads) the thousands of Order Points (Min/Max values) required by the ERP to effectively support the user’s purchasing and satellite warehouse replenishment activities.

This is an automatic, daily process meaning those thousands of Min/Max values are always as current as yesterday’s close of business.

In turn, buyers are being alerted by the ERP to ‘current’ buying needs. These ‘triggers’ tell them when to buy, what SKU’s to buy and what quantity to buy.

REACS Inventory Management

REACS plays another inventory management role by incorporating the movement of product throughout the entire distribution network.   Sales activities are monitored and available inventories refreshed at remote inventory points. Based on criteria set and managed by the distributor, REACS triggers the ERP to replenish these locations from a designated Distribution Centre (DC) in a timely manner.

REACS also monitors the activities of a Distribution Centre such as incoming orders, inventory levels and outgoing replenishment draws by the remote locations.  Based on the status of each of these elements, REACS establishes the order points (Min/Max) that manage the buying function in an efficient and timely manner.   It can service multiple Distribution Centres and an unlimited number of remote locations.