July 3, 2014

Service Truck Inventory

Deliver High Customer Service Levels with Optimized Inventory

Having the right part available when needed for a critical repair is commonly dealt with by overloading trucks with the same “just-in-case” parts. Without a mechanism to manage service truck inventory, vans can become full of expensive and dust-collecting stock.  Does this equate to high service levels?

Even items that are performing well can be susceptible overstock.  If widget X is used a few times per year, do you need to carry dozens on the truck?  An over-investment in today’s “good” inventory can lead to tomorrows obsolescence and poor inventory turnover.

The determination of van stock can be impacted by many variables.  These may include new/obsolete equipment, new customers, territory changes, technician turnover, and equipment updates.

There is frequently an element of tribal knowledge that also places stock into trucks that may not necessarily be supported by actual usage.  These variables and others need to be constantly re-visited to make sure service truck inventory matches current demand and leads to high first-time fix rates.

Managing Service Truck inventory

The right parts on the truck can mean the difference between a happy customer and an escalated service issue.

Size of operations doesn’t matter to REACS.   For a small distributor with a single location and a small number of SKU’s in inventory, managing inventories effectively may seem easy, but it still involves challenges.

The same challenges grow exponentially as the number of SKU’s in inventory expands, often into the thousands.  The same is true when the number of inventory locations (Distribution Centres, stores, branches, mobile warehouses, etc.) expands both in numbers and geographically.

REACS service truck inventory softwareREACS service truck inventory software


When it comes to effective Field Service Operations, REACS is designed to optimize inventory levels in the service trucks and distribution warehouses.  Service trucks need to be stocked with  in-demand or critical-to-operations replacement parts to maintain high customer service levels.

 REACS is the solution for service truck inventory management

Field Service Applications

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